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The City of Ithaca GIS Program is responsible for managing the City's GIS (Geographic Information Systems): hardware, software, and applications that allow Staff to create, store, manage, access and use geographic information. The GIS Program, a team of four, collaborates with all 19 Departments of the City in order to eliminate redundancy in dataset creation and maintenance and to provide easy access to data for Staff and Officials. Five additional departments have desktop users of GIS who are also data contributors: Planning & Development, Engineering, Streets & Facilities, Water & Sewer, and Fire.
The City of Ithaca began the development of its Geographic Information Systems in 1991 with a cooperatively financed and managed planimetric map. Subsequently the Program became known for the development of the City of Ithaca Tree Inventory GIS, which includes more than 12,800 trees. This project, that was completed in cooperation with the Forestry Section of the Division of Streets and Facilities is still maintained today. 

In 1998, the City became a leader in the development of applications that bring geographic data and
interactive mapping to the browser, serving many users from a single web mapping MapXsite application. Since 2000, the City has formally collaborated with Tompkins County to deliver interactive mapping and 
geographic data via a shared ESRI platform, bringing comprehensive datasets to staff, officials and the public. 

Currently, the GIS Program develops and manages desktop, field, and web-based
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GIS applications for many of the day to day maintenance activities at the City of Ithaca. The program also continues to create and manage primary and secondary GIS data sets. For more information on GIS at the City of Ithaca, please contact us.

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