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Youth Program

Youth After School Program

The GIAC Youth Program is designed to provide the community with a safe, creative and well-balanced learning environment for children. It is divided into two major components, an afterschool program and a summer day camp.

Through on-going, short term daily activities, the youth program facilitates recreational, educational, and cultural programs which strive to promote a sense of unity among children of all backgrounds.

A wide range of programs is offered during the afterschool hours of 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. The program is very fast paced and exciting. The distinct primary areas of daily activities are as follows.

  • Homework Spot
    The Homework Spot is a quiet room in which children can do their homework, read, write articles for our newsletter and participate in daily educational activities. Games and projects are set up to motivate children to utilize their scholastic skills such as poetry/essay contests, read-a-thons, and geography games.
  • Art Program
    Daily art projects are facilitated by a specialist Monday-Friday. Field trips take advantage of various museums and artists located in Tompkins County.
  • Recreational Program
    Recreation at GIAC consists of indoor/outdoor games, new games, table games, dance, ice skating, sledding, Tai Kwon Do, and a variety of other activities.
  • MAC (Multicultural Activities Center
    MAC is a large indoor playroom which is divided into five program areas: art tables, dress-up corner, game tables, creative play area and reading/lounge corner.
  • Quiet Area
    The Quiet Area is a place for children to go who prefer a slower pace in order to read, play quiet games, or just socialize.
  • Computer Room
    Staff assistance is available in our computer room to complete homework assignments. Computer games are also available.
  • Special Kids Project
    GIAC is fully staffed to provide many successful programs for our 100 plus youths. It is often difficult to work individually with children experiencing difficulties; therefore, volunteers work one on one with targeted youths to help them learn new emotional, social and academic skills for use in different activities.
  • Other Programs
    1. Multicultural programs aimed at promoting knowledge and acceptance of different cultures through special activities, guest speakers and participant sharing.
    2. Special events such as Sororities and Fraternities sponsored parties.
    3. A snack is provided daily.



The GIAC Youth Summer Day Camp serves the same age population as the afterschool program and also subscribes to the same goals and objectives.

It is run for 6 weeks during July and August providing daily safe and fun-filled activities inclusive of singing camp songs, field trips, environmental education, arts and crafts, recreation, multicultural activities and swimming instruction.

Special events such as overnights, bake sales, talent shows, spirit days, carnivals, and out of town trips are also important aspects of summer camp.

The camp operates Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Lunch and snacks are provided daily.

Each child must be registered to attend the Youth Afterschool Program and Summer Day Camp. There is a minimal fee based on a sliding scale for the basic afterschool program with added fees for some special events. Registration begins at the end of August. Summer camp registration begins in April.

We always need and welcome volunteers. We provide an orientation session you must attend before you can start. For more information and to sign up to volunteer visit the GIAC Volunteer page.